Audrey Watters is one of the more vocal voices in the world of educational technology.  Her blog, “Hack Education,” is a provocative must-read for those of us who think a lot about the relationship between education and technology.  Audrey has just published a short ebook titled, What Monsters Lurk in Your LMS?  Here is an excerpt taken from the book which is quoted in a recent review on the Chronicle:

Of course, you could argue that the education system is already incredibly interested in “templating” students as well as “templating” knowledge. We see this in graduation requirements, course requirements, essay requirements, disciplinary requirements, tenure requirements, and so on. Many education technologies loyally re- inscribe these into the digital world. The LMS is perhaps the perfect example. The call for more adaptive technologies (often connected to textbook, assessment, and LMS technologies), reliant as they are on data models and algorithms, are the next wave of tools that produce the “templated learner.”

Programmed instruction has long sought to work to that end, but this architecture now extends elsewhere.

Programmed instruction programs the learner. Necessarily. By design.

The programmable web need not.

I’d like to assemble a group of Chapman affiliates who would be interested in reading and discussing Watter’s book, as a springboard for a conversation about how we use technology here at Chapman University.  Interested in joining in?  If so, drop me a line: remyATchapmanDOTedu