This article about timekeeping as a feminist practice is perhaps one of the most influential pieces that I’ve read about pedagogy this year. Prior to reading this piece I hadn’t considered how I could user a timer to ensure that all students in my class have space for contribution. Although I have used a timer for course presentations in the past, I will now consider whether doing so in other aspects of the course can ensure that all students (particularly those who may be less naturally inclined to contribute) have the opportunity to participate.

By timekeeping, I simply mean deliberately structuring how much of a given amount of time is allotted to different tasks, communicating this information to participants, helping participants prepare to work within these time constraints, helping them stay on time in the moment, and encouraging an awareness of time constraints in others. While this can take many forms, I’ll share some of the ways timekeeping has shaped my own recent work.

Another post on this topic that is well-worth a read is Cathy Davidson’s “Creating Spaces for Conversation.”

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