A Blackboard course shell is automatically created for each course taught at Chapman University. Therefore, instructors do not need to request the creation of a Blackboard course shell for a course listed in the current class schedule. Shells for an upcoming semester are created 60 days prior to the beginning of a new term.

Courses are available to instructors in Blackboard once they are assigned to the course in PeopleSoft. Students must register though the registrar’s office in order to be enrolled as a student into a Blackboard course. Students will have access to the Blackboard course within 4 hours of registering.

Role Role ID
Academic Fellows Tutor
Supplemental Instructor (SI) Tutor
Teaching Assistant (TA) Teaching Assistant
Guest Guest
Student Student
Auditor Student
Instructor Instructor
Graduate Course Assistant (GCA) Instructor
Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) Instructor
  • Tutor – Tutors can assist an instructor in the creation, management, delivery of Announcements, Discussions and Groups. If a course is unavailable to students, the course appears in the course list for a user with the role of Tutor. However, the tutor can’t enter the course until the course is available.
  • Teaching Assistant – TAs are typically assigned to faculty assistants, teaching assistants, or administrative assistants who help to develop and maintain course materials, communications, assessments, and grades in a Blackboard course. Teaching assistants can’t remove an instructor from a course. If the course is unavailable to students, teaching assistants may still access the course.
  • Guest – Guests do not directly participate in activities. Guest Access is turned off at the course level. Instructors have the control to turn this on or to allow/disallow guest access to content, specific areas and tools of the course.
  • Student – Students have access to content areas, communication and collaboration tools, and assessments, given the instructor has made these available to students. Only those with the role of Student can take assessments and have grades recorded in the Blackboard gradebook. If a course is unavailable to students, the course will not appear in the course list.
  • Instructor – Instructors have full access to the course. This role is generally assigned to the person developing, teaching, or facilitating the class. The instructor role can control tool availability. If a course is unavailable to students, users with the Instructor role may still access it.


For questions regarding users in your Blackboard course please contact blackboard@chapman.edu.