A Blackboard course shell is automatically created for each course taught at Chapman University. Therefore, instructors do not need to request the creation of a Blackboard course shell for a course listed in the current class schedule. Shells for an upcoming trimester are created 60 days prior to the beginning of a new term.

Courses are available to instructors in Blackboard once they are assigned to the course in PeopleSoft. Students must register through the registrar’s office in order to be enrolled as a student into a Blackboard course. Students will have access to their Blackboard course within 4 hours of registering.

Here are some items you might want to do at the start of the trimester:

  •  Log into Blackboard to access your courses.
  •  Print your photo roster.
  •  Decide if you want to merge any courses. If so, submit a request.
  •  Decide if you want to do a course copy from a prior term. Update dates (including adaptive release), materials, Calendars, Discussion Boards and Announcements. Recreate all imported Turnitin Assignments, with new date settings, since imported Turnitin Assignments will not function properly in the new course shell. Delete duplicate course navigational items. Note that your copied navigational items will generally appear beneath the default course navigational items that were in the course at the time it was created.
  •  Edit or update your course menu.
  •  Update or upload your syllabus.
  •  Add or upload course content: files, external links, images, and videos.
  •  If you use a digital textbook setup you publisher link.
  •  Preview your course content using Student Preview Mode.
  •  If you plan to take online attendance or have your attendance integrated with your Grade Center setup Qwickly Attendance settings.
  •  Edit or post a welcome announcement.
  •  Setup your Grade Center for at least the first two weeks of assignments.
  •  Download the Instructor App.
  •  If you have a TA submit a request.
  •  Enroll any Co-Instructors.

Other items: