Reeves Hall, Classrooms 1 & 3 have been recently upgraded and contain various technological resources for both Faculty and Students. One of the main things you’ll notice upon entering the rooms are the way they are set up (both technology and furniture wise). In Room 1, Faculty have the option of giving their lectures from any point in the room, while having multiple stations and furniture allows for easier and more engaging collaboration. Reeves 3 is set up more like a standard classroom (student desks and bookshelves) and is centered around teaching children.

Reeves 1

Each teaching station contains a Short Throw Projector, which display content directly over whiteboards and allow the user to annotate their content either with their hands or a Short Throw pen. Both Faculty and Students can share content on each station, either through Apple TV, their own laptops or the built in classroom PC’s. If you have an Apple device, Apple TV is a great option to have as sharing content wirelessly only takes a couple of seconds to set up. If a laptop is used it can also be controlled on the whiteboard (in place of a mouse).

Reeves 3

Another feature that can be found in the rooms is the Noldus System. Faculty can use cameras and microphones, each placed in different areas of the room, to capture recordings of their class sessions and use the videos for research purposes (ex. reviewing student responses). I believe that both rooms are very unique and set a standard in regards to the various yet efficient options that a teacher and student can have in a classroom environment.