This Fall at Chapman, we will kickoff a project to explore what platform will best support student learning on our campus. This project will not just examine all of the big Learning Management Systems (like Blackboard, Canvas, and BrightSpaces), but will consider how it requires an entire ecosystem of web-based products and services to support the complex learning needs at a campus like Chapman University.  Faculty need a FERPA-compliant and accessible platform for hosting course content, but they also need tools for students to collaborate, a space for streaming video content, and a wide variety of cloud-hosted tools for serving specialized software.  The NGDLE Project on our campus follows on the heels of a similar initiative from EDUCAUSE, which explains,

NGDLE is an ecosystem of interconnected and flexible applications that support learning through five key domains: interoperability; personalization; analytics, advising, and learning assessment; collaboration; and accessibility and universal design.”

Our division is currently seeking faculty, staff, and students who would like to participate in the NGDLE Committee.  If you are interested, please send an email to