The Epson LightScene projector is a new display that allows you to project images or videos onto different surfaces for showcase purposes. The display is laser projection (lampless) and is 2000 lumens.  Visually, the image is really sharp and even the smallest details can be seen on the photos that are being displayed. On campus there are two currently installed in the recently renovated and state-of-the-art Kennedy Hall Courtroom.

LightScene Projector currently located in Kennedy Hall.


Pictures and Videos can both be seen on the LightScene display either via SD Card or over a network connection. The projector has a desktop software named Epson Content Manager and has the ability to edit photos and create playlists. Photos can be edited to fit a certain shape filter such as a circle. This is useful if you’re projecting onto a shaped surface.

Screenshot of Epson’s Content Manager

LightScene projectors are a great addition to settings such as a theater (replacement for posters) or a showcase environment.

Video from Epson’s Youtube Channel