This Fall at Chapman University, Educational Technology Services will kick off the Future Ready Digital Learning Experience (FRDLE) project to explore which learning management platform will best support student learning outcomes on our campus.

As mentioned in the 2018 Fall Faculty meeting, this project will not only examine the Learning Management Systems, like Blackboard, Canvas, and Brightspace, but will consider how it requires an entire ecosystem of cloud-based products and services to support the complex student learning needs at a campus like Chapman University.

Next week, the team will be holding two campus-wide events

As part of our Educational Technology needs assessment, we will be meeting with colleges, departments, and colleagues across campus to discuss the campuses educational technology needs and requirements. If you are a faculty, staff, or student who would like to participate in the FRDLE Committee, please send an email to


Additional Resource:
Foundations for a Next Generation Digital Learning Environment: Faculty, Students, and the LMS  by Jeffrey Pomerantz, EDUCAUSE, Malcolm Brown, EDUCAUSE, D. Christopher Brooks, EDUCAUSE Friday, January 12, 2018

Abstract: Students prefer to learn, and faculty prefer to teach, in blended environments. At the same time, the LMS has become critical to teaching and learning. This interactive report takes a closer look at some of the findings from the 2017 Student and Faculty Technology Research Studies about the LMS, as well as the preferences of students and faculty for teaching and learning environments, to investigate the relationship of blended learning and the LMS and to set the stage for a discussion of what might come next for the LMS.

(not your grandmother’s LMS, a follow-up)