Kelli Fuery, PhD

Lawrence and Kristina Dodge College of Film and Media Arts


Research Area (or Specialization):

Contemporary Visual Culture; Film Theory; Psychosocial and Cultural Theory

Relevant course(s) name/number, approx. number of students, and short description

FS342/542 The Melodrama 25 students

Students examine the history, developments and transformation within melodrama across national and global cinema to explore diverse stories that are told through various representations of emotion. Melodrama is a fluid and potent vehicle for genre and cultural expression that has used a wide range of formal aesthetics to create powerful expressive and affective visual experience.

Teaching or learning problem/challenge that made you rethink your learning model or approach or try something new

At previous institutions, each department had an appointed disability liasion officer which including learning accessibility responsibilities. This doesn’t occur at Chapman so I was keen to learn about how to indirectly support students who choose to not disclose their learning disabilities.

How you addressed that challenge (if applicable, what technology, learning strategy, etc. you integrated to do so)

I particularly like the feature of making readings audible for students with dyslexia.

How students responded, any challenges, and lessons learned

I am not sure of this overall (that is, I have no data to support my interpretation yet) but I did walk students through the options in class and there was a universal surprise and pleasure at learning about the options for accessing reading material in Blackboard (turning articles into mp3 files especially).

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