LouAnne Boyd, PhD

Fowler School of Engineering; Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Research Area (or Specialization):

Human-Computer Interaction; Assistive technology; Accessibility; Inclusion and diversity; Augmented and virtual reality; Ubiquitous computing

Relevant course(s) name/number, approx. number of students, and short description

Human Computer Interface

Computer Supported Collaborative Work

Software Requirements

Teaching or learning problem/challenge that made you rethink your learning model or approach or try something new

Group work struggles for some students


Assessment anxiety: ELL, ADHD, Autism, some students don’t like to read, anxious about test taking

How you addressed that challenge (if applicable, what technology, learning strategy, etc. you integrated to do so)

Changed group paper to poster session

Change assessment format

How students responded, any challenges, and lessons learned

More interactive, hands-on methods:

  • Changed group final paper to demo and poster session
  • Vary assessment format
  • Use individual and group test format
  • Give communication-style surveys and plan small groups using this info
  • Team teaching to apply content to hands on activities
  • Use of collaborative classroom monitors








Classwide project shared on google docs

  • More real-world experiences:
  • Guest speakers
  • Field trip

What images or media might help tell your story

They appreciate the group testing format, most liked the communication style survey

Link to Video Presentations

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