Patricia Brown, PhD

Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences; Physical Therapy


Research Area (or Specialization):

Specialty interests include balance and fall risk reduction; vestibular rehabilitation; movement disorder, and stroke rehabilitation. Her current areas of research interest include reactive postural control and Parkinson’s disease rehabilitation.

Relevant course(s) name/number, approx. number of students, and short description

PT 758-04 Elective: Advanced Neurological Practice; 18 students

Teaching or learning problem/challenge that made you rethink your learning model or approach or try something new

As a physical therapist, I am a big proponent of accessibility but had not spent much time focusing on digital accessibility. I would say students having time to study and balance life while maximizing learning. I currently have a student in my class with dyslexia and this student prefers audio-formatted content. We also have students who drive a distance and audio content is helpful for them as well. And we try to promote our students to exercise regularly and using an audio format, they can be listening while they exercise….

How you addressed that challenge (if applicable, what technology, learning strategy, etc. you integrated to do so)

I have recently started to format my documents to post on Blackboard in a format that students can download as an audio.

How students responded, any challenges, and lessons learned

Just started using so haven’t had opportunity for feedback. The students were not aware of the option for alternative formats on Blackboard.

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