Mercedes Samudio, PhD

Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences; Psychology


Research Area (or Specialization):

Parenting identity; family systems development

Relevant course(s) name/number, approx. number of students, and short description

Psychology 101, usually 18-25 students. PSY 101 is prerequisite to all other courses in psychology. Introduction to the theories, principles, processes, problems, methods, and applications of psychology.  In addition to attendance at lectures, students are required to serve as participants in course-relevant research or to complete a project of similar length and content.

Teaching or learning problem/challenge that made you rethink your learning model or approach or try something new

Trying to offer students more interactive ways to engage with the material – like discussions, videos, group assignments.

How you addressed that challenge (if applicable, what technology, learning strategy, etc. you integrated to do so)

I started using discussion boards to help students think of real-world applications for the psych theories we discuss in class. Would love to incorporate more videos and group assignments.

How students responded, any challenges, and lessons learned

Students seem to like the discussions because it allows them to be mindful of how what they are learning can be applied to real life. I think the biggest challenge is thinking of discussion questions that don’t feel like busy work and really get students thinking critically about the material.

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