Did you know that the Institute for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (IETL) has a subscription for faculty members to access the Magna Campus Online Professional Development Video & Resource Library? One of these resources is the Monday Morning 20-Minute Mentor Series!

The Monday Morning Mentor series packs an impressive amount of practical information into a fast (20 minute) and focused format that covers traditional & online teaching as well as administrative issues. Each video is brief enough to fit busy schedules, but long enough to deliver valuable, actionable content (from the Magna Publications Website).

Login instructions for this week’s Monday Morning Mentor presentation:

How can I use Microactivities to Engage Students and Improve Learning and Retention?

Presentation date: September 30, 2019 and on-demand for one week

Link to the Presentation: (mondaymorningmentors.com/category/traditional/)

From this link, you can view the featured presentation and access the transcript, handouts, and supplemental material. These materials are only available for the week of the presentation.

NOTE: You will need to enter the following password in order to view this week’s program: engage124

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