More and more departments are using Zoom to schedule employee interviews. With a few steps, you can make sure you are using the Zoom settings that will get the interview off to a good start!

This blog post already assumes you are familiar with the steps for scheduling a meeting in Zoom.

Once you have your candidate emails and the dates/times for the interviews handy, complete the following steps.

Put the candidate name in the Meeting Topic box.

Zoom Meeting view

Always double-and-triple check the meeting topic entry. By default, Zoom should put “Zoom Meeting” after the name, but depending on the app you’re using to schedule, it might put something different. This makes it very easy to tell your interviews apart so you can launch the correct interview at the correct time.

Choose host/participant videos off in the scheduling box.

participant video scheduling box

Wait? Don’t I want to see the interviewee?  Of course! However, it is polite to start the meeting with the video off so the host and participant can choose when to make the video available. Otherwise, the video might be enabled before you or your interviewee are ready.

Keep the audio options set to “both.”

audio options

Even if you don’t intend to use phone audio for either host or participant roles, sometimes glitches do happen, and the ability for one or more parties to dial in to the meeting is preserved.

Make sure “enable join before host” is checked.

enable join before host

This allows the participant to enter the meeting room ahead of time, get familiar with meeting options that might be available, and most importantly, check their audio and video feeds ahead of time.

Make sure to generate a unique meeting ID for each interviewee. Do not use the Personal Meeting ID when scheduling interviews.

meeting ID

Otherwise, it’s possible for one candidate to enter the meeting room of another candidate, possibly while the interview is going on.