Faculty and Staff

All faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to attend Canvas trainings. Please visit the Canvas Training page to register for a session.

We’ve tried to make as many options for training available including:

Two videos that are particularly useful:

Starting from Scratch vs Importing Course Content from Blackboard

Recommendations on Transferring Course Content from Blackboard to Canvas (2 minute, 42-second overview)

For faculty and staff who would like to watch them, we have made videos available of previous trainings. However, please note these videos are long and have sections of dead air when those who are asking questions did not use the microphone. Please feel free to use the timings to jump to sections that are most relevant for you.

Canvas Overview

4:48 Key Highlights for Canvas
7:09 Canvas Demo
8:50 Calendar
12:26 To-Do Lists
13:00 Speed Grader
19:00 Modules
26:18 Help Menu/Support/Guides
32:10 Global Canvas View
34:30 Account Settings & Notifications
44:45 Syllabus Tools
1:04:35 Announcements
1:08:40 Home Pages
1:12:23 Teacher App

Building in Canvas

Canvas Training: Assignments & Activities

3:00 Basics of Modules

5:55 Submitting an assignment within a module

7:58 Content in a module

10:58 Template of a module

18:00 Importing a template

20:30 Canvas Commons – Template Finder

26:10 Discussions / Peer Reviews

30:00 Formal Peer Reviews for Grading

46:00 Turn-it in tool Discussion

53:35 Grading peer reviews / viewing submissions

Deep Dive: Grading and Feedback in Canvas

Deep Dive: Grading & Feedback in Canvas (brief Turnitin demo at 00:58:00)

00:30 Introduction
1:30 Creating a test
2:50 Using the Grade book to insert grades
13:47 Personalizing the Gradebook: Shifting Columns, Adding Notes, Adding ID Numbers
17:26 Manual Submissions
18:00 Filtering within the Gradebook
20:55 Statuses of Assignments: Missing / Graded / Etc.
22:00 Student Class Status Information
23:27 Viewing Individual Student Gradebooks
24:50 Implementing Extra Credit
27:06 Creating Manual Assignments
30:20 Using Categories/Groups
33:25 Assignment Policies: Late / Missing Assignments
37:00 Grade Visibility within the Gradebook
38:42 Contacting Students via Gradebook
42:30 Curving Grades
43:32 Weighted Grades
50:50 Inserting Assignments to Modules
54:50 What-if scores
58:00 Using Turn-it in alongside canvas
1:11:10 Review of Weighted Grades and Grade Structure

Deep Dive: Modules and Pages in Canvas