Do you need to add a co-instructor, Course Designer, or Guest to your Canvas course?

Faculty do not have the ability to add users to a Canvas course.

All faculty and students who are in a course in PeopleSoft are automatically added to courses in Canvas. Any other user needs to be added manually.

When an enrollment is manually added to the course, Canvas generates a course invitation. The user must accept the course invitation to participate in the course. Until the user accepts the course invitation, the user’s status will display as pending.

Users are not sent a course invitation until the course start date. Additionally, courses must be published for students to receive course invitations.

User Roles

Standard roles include Teachers (Instructors), Designers, and Observers (Guests).

Please fill out the form below to request a user be added to your course. Please only use this form if you are the instructor of record for the course.

Add a Person to Canvas Course