Did you miss last week’s list? What to do in Canvas January 6-12, 2020

Dear Canvas Early Adopters,

Spring 2020 is only 3 weeks away!

Last week we explored training opportunities, uploaded a profile picture, uploaded a syllabus to the Syllabus tab and uploaded files. See the link above to see last week’s post.

Here are some ideas of what to do this week to get your course(s) ready in Canvas.

Do you need to add a Co-instructor or Guest to any of your courses?

Request a Co-instructor or Guest

Are you teaching multiple sections of a course and need to merge sections together?

Submit a Merge Request

Add your Assignments

Create Assignments for anything you will grade your students on. Every column in the Grade Center needs a corresponding Assignment, Quiz, Discussion, etc.

Learn all about Assignments

Do you plan to use Turnitin?

Turnitin was one of the most widely requested Canvas integrations by Chapman Early Adopters. It is now available for you to use in Canvas. Please note that Turnitin works a little differently on Canvas than it did on Blackboard.

  • Peermark is not available. Please use the Peer Review tool in Canvas.
  • Grades do not pass through from Turnitin to the Speedgrader. Please put grades in the Speedgrader.

Read the Turnitin Tutorial for instructions.

Think about how you want to organize your Modules.

Canvas courses are organized using a Module-based system. Within each module are the associated pages, files, activities, assignments, discussions, and quizzes that belong to that Module. Modules can be organized by week, subject, unit, project, or whatever makes the most sense for your course. Here is an example of a Module with various Pages and Assignments added:


How do I add a Module?

How do I add Assignments, Pages, Files to Modules?

Review Canvas courses for ideas.

Examples at other institutions:

Questions? Check the Canvas webpage at www.chapman.edu/canvas

Stay tuned for more tips next week!