You may have noticed a slight change to BigBlueButton within Canvas Conferences. As of March 20, 2020 we are now on the “Premium” version of BigBlueButton. What does this mean?

Better Performance

With BBB Premium we now have

  • more storage
  • more students can watch recordings at the same time
  • more classes can be held at the same time with no loss in audio and video quality

Video Playback

  • Videos will no longer delete after 14 days.
  • Your classes get recorded as a single video file.
  • The video captures everything in the meeting. Chat messages will playback on the right-hand side of the screen.

Invite External Guests

Want to invite a guest lecturer into a session?
Easy to do — every class has an invite link (visible only to instructors) where they can click to invite external users into the class.

Meeting Statistics For Every Recorded Session

With meeting statistics, you can now analyze user participation in your recorded BigBlueButton sessions.  Instructors can use this data to identify high and low participating students and to gauge comprehension based on polling results