Dear Instructors,

Back in January 2020 I did a 4 week series on how to set up your course in Canvas. A lot has happened since then! I’m reviewing those tips and doing another series to help you get ready for Fall 2020.

Some of you have been on sabbatical, or busy finishing things up with Spring 2020 courses in Blackboard, or maybe started in Canvas but the events of the world got in the way. Follow these steps to help you get prepared.

Log on to and look at your dashboard.

Do you see your Sandbox and your Growing with Canvas course for training? You can use Growing with Canvas to self-train on Canvas and you can use the Sandbox to practice. What you won’t see yet are your Fall 2020 courses. Courses populate 60 days prior to start of term. If you would like a blank “master” course to start building out a Fall course, request it using the Master Course request form.

Review training opportunities. Plan to look at your training options and sign up for training this week.


  • Go through the Growing with Canvas training on your Canvas dashboard
  • Complete Canvas training on  Linkedin Learning is free for all Chapman faculty, staff, and students. Sign in with your Chapman credentials.
  • Take note of drop-in support hours. We are available M-F from 9:30-11:30am and 2:30-4:30pm to answer the questions that come up for you as you complete training. Click the link and a Zoom room will open.

Add your profile picture to Canvas

Follow the step-by-step instructions to add your profile picture.

Upload your syllabus to your course

All Canvas courses have a special Syllabus tab. You can add your syllabus as a file, an embedded PDF, or as an embedded Google doc. The choice is yours! Try it out in different ways and decide what works best for you.

Upload your files

You likely have lots of files, such as readings, PowerPoint presentations, etc. Get them uploaded to Canvas in your Files section this week! That way, they will be ready to place into Modules when it’s time to build out your course.

Questions? Check the Canvas webpage at

Stay tuned for more tips next week!