Dear Instructors,

This week, courses that were in Blackboard from approximately Fall 2016 to Spring 2020 were migrated to Canvas and added to your course list.  Depending on how many courses you had on Blackboard, the courses that were migrated may have displaced some of your more current Canvas courses.

The courses are still there!

Please go to Courses>All Courses to see the list of all courses you now have available in Canvas. Then, click the star to make the courses you want to see your “favorites.” See below.

We will be sending out more communication on how you can move files from your migrated Blackboard courses to your Fall 2020 courses when they populate in Canvas. You can expect to see your Fall 2020 courses in Canvas approximately the first week of July.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please email or visit

Thank you!