In the first week, we explored training opportunities, uploaded a profile picture, uploaded a syllabus to the Syllabus tab, and uploaded files.

In the second week, we got started with Modules, and looked at examples of courses from other institutions for ideas. See the links above for previous posts. If you didn’t finish creating Modules last week, you will do that this week and finish adding different types of resources and activities to the Modules.

Here are some ideas of what to do this week to get your course(s) ready in Canvas.

Put all your Assignments, Discussions, Files, Quizzes, etc. into their corresponding Modules.

This is the heavy lifting! Here are some step-by-step resources to guide you, plus a great video from Canvas.

Add Assignments 

Add Discussions

Add Files

Add Quizzes

I realize I shared this video last week, but it’s worth sharing again! 

Hide Unused Course Navigation

In order to make your course easy to navigate for your students, please hide any of the left-hand course navigation tabs you do not intend to use so that your students cannot see them.

Canvas Guide on Hiding Unused Course Navigation

Select Homepage Layout

One option to customize your course is to choose your homepage layout. You can have your homepage be Modules or you can even create a custom home page. Watch the video and click the links to learn more.

How do I use the Course Home Page?

How do I change the Course Home Page?

You are almost done! Next week we will put the final touches on your course.

Questions? Check the Canvas webpage at

Stay tuned for more tips next week!