Blackboard will not be used for courses in fall 2020. All courses for fall 2020 are already populated in Canvas.

On September 15, 2020, Blackboard will be disabled. Faculty, staff, and students will no longer be able to access Blackboard effective that date.

Have you fully completed your transition from Blackboard? Here is a list of some specific action items you should be sure to check off:


❒ Have you saved or moved any content in Blackboard that you might need in the future? While we did move course content from Blackboard to Canvas from Fall 2016 through Spring 2020, not everything came over, or may not have come over well.  Have you checked to make sure everything important to you transferred over? If there is anything missing you can retrieve it from Blackboard now.

❒ If you are listed as a Leader in any Blackboard Organization, have you saved or moved any necessary materials to a Canvas Panther Den? To use Canvas for department or club activities outside of regular courses, you need to request a Canvas Panther Den.


❒ Have you started teaching in Canvas? Remember: If you need help using Canvas, Canvas Support is available 24/7/365. Use the Help link in your Canvas left-hand course navigation to call or chat with Canvas whenever you need assistance.

❒ Have you attended a Canvas workshop? There’s always something to learn! See the list of upcoming workshops.

❒ Have you completed your Canvas Hike for Summer 2020? All instructors are invited to complete special Canvas training during Summer 2020 to prepare for teaching in the Fall of 2020. If you started your hike and haven’t finished yet, please continue! If you haven’t signed up yet, there are only a few chances left to attend before summer is over.

❒ Have you learned how to search the Canvas Guides? Almost everything you need to know about Canvas can be found in the Canvas Guides.