ASSIGNMENTS: Direct Share Enforcement

In Assignments, Quizzes, Discussions, and Pages, you can copy content to another course and share individual content items with another user. This change allows you to copy and share content directly in Canvas without having to use a secondary repository like Commons.

Due and Availability Date Bulk Edit Enforcement

The Assignments page supports editing all graded assignment, discussion, and quiz dates in a single page. This change allows assignment dates to be adjusted at one time in the same location.

The Assignments Settings menu includes an option to Edit Assignment Dates. This option displays all existing assignments in a single page arranged by due date.


Assignments: Due and Availability Date Bulk Edit (2020 Ready Releases)

Assignments: Bulk Editing Enhancements (2020-06-20 Screencast)

New Quizzes Lockdown Browser Support

The Respondus LockDown Browser is supported in New Quizzes. For additional information or questions about LockDown Browser, visit the Respondus website.

Apps and LTIs Available: