We have integrated Zoom and Panopto so that if you have a Zoom cloud recording, it will automatically be transferred to the Panopto Cloud.

Once you have recorded a Zoom session and ended the meeting, you’ll get a message in your email:

[Panopto] Ready to view: Curtis Williams’ Zoom MeetingPanopto is Chapman University’s long-term video storage site and your meeting recording will be automatically transferred to Panopto if your email address is the same in both systems.

In Canvas, click on the Panopto Video link in the left-hand column
Open Panopto

Typically, the video will be put into a private folder that only you can see called Meeting Recordings (under your My Folder), but you can configure where you want them to go.

To make these available for others to view, you need to change the Sharing permissions

Go to the Meeting Recording folder and hover over the page until the Share button appears

Copy the link and click on the triangle to change the viewing permissions

No one can see your recordings unless you allow others to view them. If you select Anyone at your organization with the link,

anyone who has the link in Canvas will be able to view the recording

Once you have changed the permissions, you can post this link into any of your Canvas courses.

Select External URL as the content type

After clicking on Add Item, it will be posted to your Canvas course.

Remember to Publish it to make it available to your students.