Canvas Courses for 2021

  • Interterm and Spring Trimester courses are already loaded in Canvas
  • Spring semester courses will load the first week of December
  • Instructions for copying content from one Canvas course to another

Final Exam Policies

All full-time and part-time faculty members are expected to adhere to the final examination policies unless otherwise granted permission for an exemption.  Exemptions to these policies may be granted by deans.

Final examinations will be given in all courses, with exceptions for some individual studies, activities, music lessons, and other types of courses that do not lend themselves to finals.  An examination covering the term gives students the opportunity to synthesize all material covered in the course.

All final examinations are to be given during the scheduled final examination period.  There is no alternate finals schedule.

Reporting of Grades

All grades for the Fall Semester and Trimester 2020 are due in Campus Solutions by Sunday, January 3, 2021. For your assistance, a PeopleSoft grading tutorial Final Grading may be found at

  • Grade rosters will be available in Campus Solutions’ faculty center during finals week, Monday, December 14, 2020.
  • Faculty may not assign a grade of W.  For a student who has stopped attending, please assign a grade of FW (or NP if the course is taken on a Pass/No Pass basis).
  • To request that a posted grade be changed due to a clerical error, faculty will use the “Request a Grade Change” link in the Faculty Center

Incomplete Grades

The grade of Incomplete may be assigned by an instructor if a student, through circumstances beyond his or her control, has not completed a small portion of a course by the conclusion of the term. The student must request the grade of Incomplete and must propose a date acceptable to the faculty member by which the missing work will be completed. A grade of Incomplete may not be assigned to give a student a chance to do more work to improve a grade. A grade of Incomplete may also be assigned by an instructor if academic integrity is in question at the time grades are due and the instructor requires more time to resolve the issue.

The deadline for removal of an Incomplete is one year from the first day of the term in which the Incomplete was recorded, unless a shorter period of time is specified by the instructor.

To change a grade of Incomplete to the final letter grade, prior to the deadline use the “Request a Grade Change” link in the Faculty Center.  It is found on the My Schedule page.