As we wrap up the fall term, it’s time for course evaluations. Below you will find the evaluation windows and helpful reminders for the Law School, Orange Campus, and Rinker Campus:

Law School (semester)

  • November 10 – November 24

Orange Campus (semester) & Rinker campus (trimester)

  • November 30 – December 12

What do faculty need to do?

  • Inform students what day during the window they will complete the evaluation during class (whether virtual or in-person). We recommend allocating 10-15 minutes for students to complete your evaluation.
  • Please note that the ‘Course Evaluations’ tab in the left navigation of your Canvas course needs to be enabled in order for students to access course evaluations from your course page. You can enable it by going into ‘Settings’ in your Canvas course and then ‘Navigation.’
  • If your class will not be meeting (whether virtual or in-person) during the evaluation window, faculty should email students and tell them to fill out the evaluation on their own.
  • Evaluations can be filled out on any internet-enabled device  (cell phones, laptop/tablet).
  • Instruct students to go to Canvas (, click on the course they would like to complete the evaluation for, and then click on ‘Course Evaluations’ that will appear in the left navigation.

Response Rates

Faculty can access the current response rate for any open course evaluation via Canvas.

Missing Evaluations?

Keep in mind that:

  • Classes with 5 or fewer students will not be evaluated.
  • Typically, only classes labeled LEC, LAB, and ACT are evaluated.
  • Independent study, study abroad, internships, fieldwork, directed teaching, project/thesis, and research and creative activity courses are not evaluated unless by request.
  • Cross-listed courses are evaluated under the primary course only.
  • Faculty must have a faculty work load greater than 0% to be evaluated.

*This does not include evaluation windows for the Non Standard Session, Worldwide, S1 (8 week) or S2 (8 week) Calendars. Faculty & students in such courses receive individualized emails with the evaluation windows and should refer to those emails for key dates.

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