Daniela Bergerson

“Hi! My nDecorative Imageame is Daniela! I’m currently a Junior majoring in Integrated Educational Studies and minoring in English. After my graduation in the spring of 2022, I will be a student in the Masters in Curriculum and Instruction Program, otherwise known as MACI, here at Chapman. This program will help me reach my goal of becoming an elementary school teacher and further pursue my passion for helping children from all walks of life! In my free time, I love to go to the beach, roller skate with my friends, and find the best thrift shops in town with my older sister. When I’m not with my human friends, I love spending time with my four-legged friend, Patches, who is my twelve-year-old bulldog! Although I have only worked in the Virtual Tech Hub for a little bit of time, I have enjoyed meeting new professors, staff, and faculty and learning about educational technology with them. Hopefully, soon I will be able to see the Tech Hub in person and finally work alongside my colleagues in a place other than Zoom!”

Justin Kim

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“Hello! My name is Justin Kim and I am a junior film production major at Chapman with a minor in entrepreneurship. Outside of school, I enjoy fly fishing, film photography, and making music! With my education from Chapman, I hope to one day write and direct my own films as well as establish my own production company. But for now, baby steps! Though I am new to the Tech Hub, I love the collaborative atmosphere created in the queue and I hope to be of great help towards all of your tech needs. Thanks for dropping in, and I’m excited to meet you!”