The Zoom tool is frequently updated with new features and security improvements, but Zoom doesn’t update its software automatically.

There are several ways to get the latest version, with the simplest one being to download a fresh copy from Zoom.

Go to:

On Windows: ZoomInstaller.exe

On Mac: Zoom.pkg

Click on the installation file and Zoom will begin the installation

Your Zoom client will show the updated version

Alternatively, you can run the update from within Zoom. From within the Zoom application, click on your image for the pull-down menu.

On an Apple Computer, you can Check for Updates from the Menu Bar.

If you have problems with the update within Zoom, download the application directly from Zoom at and install a clean copy.

One of the most requested features included letting a Co-Host manage Breakout rooms. This is a new feature as of December 7, 2020 (Version 5.4.6). You must upgrade your Zoom application to be able to have someone besides the meeting Host move people in-and-out of breakout rooms.