January is the perfect time to visit your spring classroom and acquaint yourself with the new technology. If you haven’t taken the opportunity to teach from a classroom during fall 2020, plan now to see the new features we have added to these rooms. We have technicians standing by to show you how to start Zoom sessions using the Prime classroom tools which include high-resolution cameras and microphones to capture your dynamic presentations with students joining remotely.

To see you classroom go to: Online Classroom Inventory (with photos)

Prime Zoom Classroom

There are simple instructions to join your Zoom meeting, or you can call a technician and they will show up in minutes, just press the Help Button located on the lectern.

Help Button

Remember, you need to have met the requirements to return to campus, but Interterm will be a time with very few people in the buildings. Therefore, you will be able to run through the Zoom and AV systems without distraction and it will be an ideal time to visit.
Flexcam Room

To schedule a technician to assist you in the classroom at a time you want to meet, send an email to: classroomsupport@chapman.edu