Dear Chapman University faculty,

The IS&T team is rolling out a new service to provide virtual support to help you with class Zoom meetings. This new service is being provided by a team of Student Technology Experts who are trained in Zoom.

The Student Technology Experts will virtually support the faculty members with facilitating Zoom class meetings. They will act as the co-host of Zoom meetings to help manage the waiting room, breakout rooms, screen sharing, and monitoring in-meeting chat.

This service will be available until the end of the Spring 2021 semester. Please click on the following link to find out more and learn how to schedule times: Student Technology Experts.

Important note: The Student Technology Experts are not authorized to support other areas such as Canvas and Grades. Due to privacy concerns, these students can not be added to your Canvas course or view student activities. Also, if you need assistance with multiple class sessions, please schedule times in advance. If you schedule multiple times, you may receive help from different students during each session.

If you have questions about this new service or if you already have a TA who wants to receive Zoom training, please email us at

Thank you.