For this week’s edition of Teaching Tips Thursdays, we explored Google Jamboard!  Google Jamboard is a collaborative digital whiteboard that is available for free through your Chapman Google account.

How to Access Google Jamboard

Go to and sign in with your Chapman email address and password if needed.  OR: Click on the Google Apps “waffle” and find Jamboard:

Finding Jamboard in the Google Apps "waffle"

Ideas for Using Google Jamboard to Enhance Teaching and Learning

  • As a space for group work: Google Jamboard can be a great space for students to work on an activity/project, brainstorm ideas, or take notes in groups.  Create a Jam with one or more frames for each group and label the frames with the group names/numbers.  Pro tip: Add a sticky note or text box with your instructions/objectives for students so that they know exactly what they are expected to do.  If you use Jamboard as a space for students to work together while they are in Zoom breakout rooms, you will have a way of monitoring each group’s progress from the main room!
  • As a review activity: Use Google Jamboard at the beginning of class to gauge how much students remember from the previous class or at the end of a unit to help students review for an exam.  Create a Jam and add a sticky note with the question, “What do you remember about…?”  Invite students to add sticky notes with everything that they remember about that concept.
  • As an exit ticket: Use Google Jamboard to check in with students at the end of class about what they feel they understood well, what wasn’t clear for them, and/or what questions they have.

There are so many cool Google Jamboard templates and background images online that you can make a copy of or download!  See the slide deck for resources.

For more Google Jamboard teaching tips and instructions for creating and sharing a Jam: