Student Annotation Submissions

New Quizzes

Save and Build Button Workflow


The New Quiz creation page includes both a Save button and a Build button.

Change Benefit

This change aligns the Save button behavior with other areas of Canvas, and the Build button distinctively separates the workflow for building a quiz.

Affected User Roles


When an instructor creates and enters details for a quiz, the page displays both a Save and a Build button. Previously the page only included the Save button, which counterintuitively launched the New Quiz editor.

The Save button saves the content in the existing page and returns the user to the area where the quiz was accessed. . This change to the Save button mimics similar behavior located throughout Canvas regarding saving page content.

The Build button saves the existing page and launches the New Quiz editor.

build button in new quizzes

User Settings

Auto-Show Closed Captioning


Users can enable captions to show by default in all Canvas videos.

Change Benefit

This change allows users to view captions added to videos by default without having to manually enable captions for each individual video.

Affected User Roles

All Users

Users can access the User Settings page to enable the Auto-Show Closed Captioning feature. This functionality is supported for captions added to recorded Canvas videos or uploaded videos in a course.

auto show closed captions settings menu

Captions can be added to a video when uploading a video, or they can be added any time by clicking the video in the Rich Content Editor and accessing the video options sidebar.

Note: Videos embedded from third-party tools, such as YouTube, are not supported. Additionally, videos embedded from Canvas Studio videos are not yet supported but will be in a future release.