Over the past year, many instructors started using Proctorio for remote proctoring in Canvas. In August, the license will expire. However, with a few modifications, you can reuse those quizzes in Canvas.

Step 1.  Copy the quiz to your new Canvas course

There is more than one way to copy a quiz to a Canvas course. You can use the course copy method, the quiz export method, or the “copy to” method. Use your favorite way to copy your quiz.

Step 2.  Edit the quiz title

A remote-proctored exam with Proctorio will have the phrase “(remote proctored)” in the quiz title. Remove this phrase.

Step 3.  Edit the quiz instructions

A remote-proctored exam with Proctorio will have HTML code in the quiz instructions that you cannot see. There are two ways to delete the HTML code. You can either:

  • Delete ALL the instructions and start fresh; or
  • Go into the HTML editor and delete all the HTML code that references Proctorio

For step-by-step instructions on how to copy a quiz, edit the quiz title, and edit the quiz instructions, see the video below.


If you need assistance with copying your Canvas quiz or editing the instructions to remove the hidden Proctorio settings, please feel free to reach out to the Instructional Technology team at Educational Technology Services by emailing canvas@chapman.edu. You can also schedule an appointment or drop in to the Tech Hub.