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Comment Library


Comments can be added and saved for reuse within SpeedGrader.

Change Benefit

This change allows graders to save frequently used comments in SpeedGrader and be reused across multiple students and assignments.

Affected User Roles


When instructors and other graders access SpeedGrader, the comments field includes a Feedback icon that opens the Comment Library. Comments can be entered in the text field and added to the comment library.

Comments can be edited in and deleted from the library at any time.


Open Comment Library


comment-library-2-add-to-library.pngAdd Comment to Library

Comments can be added directly from the Comment Library by opening the library and clicking the comment that should be added. The library will close and the comment will display in SpeedGrader.

comment-library-3-select-comment.pngAdd Comment via Library


  • Comments are saved per individual user regardless of course, so comments saved by a user in one course will also display when the user is viewing SpeedGrader in another course.
  • The Comment Library functionality is not supported in the assignment submission details page.

Releases Q&A: 2021-06-19 SpeedGrader Comment Library

Please watch this video demonstration: