Zoom has added a new feature to share pronouns as a separate field. Previously, you had to include these as a part of your name.

First, make sure your Zoom desktop client has been updated to the latest version. The prerequisite for the separate Pronouns field is 5.7.0 or higher. Visit https://zoom.us/download and choose your platform.

After you have updated your Zoom App, visit the Zoom web portal at: https://chapman.zoom.us/profile

At the top of your Profile page choose Edit:

Zoom profile Edit

Pronoun field

Three options for sharing your pronouns in a meeting: Three options for pronounsIf you choose the first option to “Ask me every time,” you will see this box at the top of the Zoom window:
Option to useOnce you have enabled your pronouns, they show up at the bottom left of your Zoom window:

Name with pronoun field