Dear Colleagues,

I hope this message finds you well, as you are in the midst of the return to on-campus teaching. Last week many of you participated in our Summer Academy event “Inclusive Teaching” with José Antonio Bowen. If you missed it, I invite you to watch the recording:

I found Dr. Bowen’s remarks to be both inspiring and useful as I consider how to create an optimal learning experience for my students this Fall.

I want to share a handful of other links that you may find helpful as you are adapting back to the pace of campus life:QR code linking to Tech Assist site

Finally, I would like to close with two short videos that have inspired me as I have thought about how I will create a learning experience this Fall where all of my students feel a sense of belonging and safety.

First, Dr Robin Wall Kimmerer, Distinguished Teaching Faculty at SUNY, speaking about “Questions for a Resilient Future” and the power of gratitude and reciprocity:

Second, is this video from Dr. Brené Brown, speaking about Daring Classrooms

With Gratitude,

Jana Remy
Assistant Vice President, Educational Technology
Co-Director, Institute for Excellence in Teaching & Learning