Have you ever wanted to:

  • have a persistent chat backchannel for your in-person class where students can participate and share ideas?
  • have a more robust discussion tool that models how discussions happen in collaborative environments?
  • encourage the use of “real world” collaboration tools?
  • promote class engagement with the use of advanced communication features like @mentions, file sharing, and web conferencing/recording using MS Teams and Stream?
  • create a greater sense of community both inside and outside of the classroom?
  • expose your students to the tools employers use in the workplace for both in-person and remote work?

Then you might consider joining the Microsoft Teams in Canvas Pilot!

The integration with Canvas gives you a link in your left-hand course navigation that takes you and your students straight to Microsoft Teams.  The Team will be prepopulated and synced with your Canvas class roster.

The integration also has the following features you may want to explore:

  • class notebook
  • “view-only” file sharing
  • tagging
  • emoji, memes, GIFs, and stickers

Want a sneak peek of what it looks like? Check out this blogpost from Microsoft.

To join the pilot please fill out the MSTeams Classes in Canvas Pilot intake form.