SpeedWrite.com is an artificial intelligence automatic text generator. It is being marketed to students as a quick way to “write” essays.

Users can copy and paste any document, such as a Wikipedia entry, an essay bought on the Internet, or even a published academic paper, and SpeedWrite will re-write it into a unique essay. The completed essay is about ½ the length of the original document.

I created a 500-word essay on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in five minutes using Wikipedia, Spreedwrite.com, and Grammarly. Here is a video showing the process:


To create the essay, I copied ~1,000 words from the Wikipedia page on FDI into SpeedWrite. Their AI converted the text into a unique re-write. I copied their text into Grammarly to quickly edit it and ended up with a reasonably good essay on the topic. The user can pick and choose references from Wikipedia to complete the bibliography.

To test the uniqueness of the AI, I tried it again with the same input from Wikipedia, and I ended up with a slightly different version of the paper. This means that their AI creates a document that will probably not be detected by plagiarism software. This will work with just about any academic writing assignment, but obviously, it will be better at writing traditional essays than case studies or empirical work.


Bruce Dehning is an Associate Professor in the George L. Argyros School of Business and Economics