Imagine you have been given a new course last minute, which starts next week. There is a syllabus, commonly used the department, as well as a couple of textbooks options. You also have a copy of the exam that the former instructor was planning to use. However, nothing has been added to the Canvas course, and with three other classes on your roster, you know it will be difficult to get everything organized by Monday. If only there was someone to help!

Would you like to:

  • Add interest to a course using technology
  • Create or organize course modules
  • Evaluate course alignment
  • Utilize course resources more efficiently
  • Increase accessibility for students
  • Create or revise assessments and rubrics

An Instructional Designer is a professional trained in learning science, including course analysis, design and development.  Instructional designers work with faculty to develop, modify or review courses. During this process, faculty members take the role of subject matter experts, providing in-depth knowledge of their content area, and course concept, while designers compile and arrange this information to optimize the learning experience.

If you would like to work with an instructional designer contact Jennifer Leo, or make an appointment for a course consultation.