According to the posted timeline, you will lose access to Panopto in November 2022. Please take the time to audit your videos and ensure that the videos you expect to see in YuJa are there.


Videos in Panopto from July, 2022 to present will NOT be migrated. You will need to do these manually.

Videos from March, 2022 to July, 2022 will migrate at some point in October 2022.

Videos < 3 years old = migrated

Videos > 3 years old with views = migrated

Videos > 3 years old with no views = NOT migrated

Step 1: Go to Panopto and make a list of your videos

  • Login with your credentials at:
  • List your folders by name. You will find corresponding folders in YuJa.
  • List your videos by name.
  • If you have a lot of videos, it may help to put the titles of the videos in a spreadsheet so you can check them off one by one
  • Be sure to use the exact name of the video. You can search by the name of the video in YuJa as long as you know the exact name.
  • Are your videos in folders? Be sure to check inside all your folders to create your complete list of folders and videos.

Step 2: Go to YuJa

  • sign in at
    • Open My Media Collections Folder
    • Open Default Collection folder
    • Open folder with your email address
    • From here, you should see folders that correspond to the folders you have in Panopto

Step 3: Audit your videos

  • Using the spreadsheet you made as a guide, crosscheck each video in YuJa and confirm it is there.
  • We recommend you watch the video. If the video was edited, sometimes edits did not transfer to YuJa. Sometimes captions did not transfer in the migration. Be sure the video is as expected. If it isn’t, you may need to redo edits or add captions.
  • Is this a public-facing video? If so, check to make sure there are captions.
    • If the captions are missing, recaption the video using the auto-captioning tool
  • If you cannot find a video,
    • Is the video owned by someone else? Look in the settings of the Panopto video and see who owns the video. If it is owned by someone else, then ask them to find the video and share it with you
    • Is the video older than 3 years? Does it have zero views? Videos older than 3 years with 0 views were not migrated

Step 4: Reupload any missing videos

You may find older videos didn’t come over. If they are important for you to keep, you can upload them manually.

  • Download the video from Panopto
  • Find (or create) the folder you want this video to live in YuJa and upload the video

Step 5: If necessary, relink/reshare your videos

  • Do you use videos in Canvas, on the Chapman website, on a blog, or someplace else? If so, you will need to check the settings on these videos and then relink them
  • Audit the spaces where you share videos and make a list so you can keep track of your progress
  • If you are using videos in Canvas, there is a media selection tool in Canvas that will help you find and link your videos. Please reach out to the Canvas team at for training on how to use the media selection tool.
  • If you are using videos on the Canvas website or some other public-facing site, you will need to
  • Do you want to create a playlist of multiple videos? Using Media Playlists

Have questions?

If you have questions about using YuJa, feel free to stop by the Virtual Tech Hub (we meet on Zoom) or schedule a 1:1 meeting with one of the team members in Educational Technology Services. You can find the schedule for the Virtual Tech Hub and the scheduling links for a consult on the ETS website.