Speech-To-Text Recognizes Chrome Browser Set Languages


In the Google Chrome web browser, the Speech Recognition feature uses browser-set language to translate speech-to-text in SpeedGrader.

Change Benefit

This update allows the speech-to-text feature to recognize other spoken languages.

Feature Workflow

SpeedGrader Speech Recognition Button SpeedGrader Speech Recognition Button

Click the Speech Recognition button.

Speech Recognition Speech To Text RecordingSpeech Recognition Speech To Text Recording

When recording in other languages, the Speech Recognition feature recognizes the spoken language and translates the speech to text.

Additional Details

Previously, the Speech-to-text feature only recognized spoken English. Additionally, this feature is only available in the Google Chrome web browser.

To-Do List

Display Separate To Do Lists


Users with the instructor and student roles have distinct and separate to-do lists in their sidebars.

Change Benefit

This update allows users with both instructor and student roles to differentiate between their to-do lists.

Feature Workflow

Separate To Do ListsSeparate To-Do Lists


If users have both the instructor and student roles, separate Student To Do and Teacher To Do lists display in the sidebar.