Does your syllabus look something like this?

  • Quizzes = 10% of the grade
  • Reflective paper = 10% of the grade
  • Midterm = 25% of the grade
  • Project = 35% of the grade
  • Final exam = 20% of the grade

If it does, then you have weighted grades.

How can I set up weighted grades in Canvas?

The following video goes through the steps on how to create weighted grades in Canvas:

What are weighted grades? 0:00

Steps to set up weighted grades in Canvas 1:44

Adding Assignment Groups 3:38

Moving Assignments to the appropriate Group 5:00

Adjust the Settings 6:00

Review the changes in the Gradebook 7:25

Dropping the lowest Quiz 9:20

Proportional weights vs equal weights 11:35


Canvas Guide on Weighted Grades

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