Poll Everywhere is getting an exciting visual update that will release in a few months! The updates are still in beta testing and may change before release. Here is a sneak peek of what Poll Everywhere is planning on changing:


Visual Updates: Multiple Choice

Overview: We heard your feedback and will update our visual charts to simplify and enhance the presentation experience.

Old design vs new design of poll everywhere including qr code, text to join, website join, and a picture of a poll in progress.

Visual Update: Free Text

Overview: We are changing how open-ended activities are displayed to improve overall functionality and visibility.

Free text visual update

Visual Updates: Clickable Image

Overview: We are redesigning the pin functionality in Clickable Images for better accessibility.

Clickable image change picture

Visual Updates: Q&A

Overview: Redesigning Q&A activities for a more efficient workflow and increase the visibility of the activity.

Q&A Change

Visual Updates: Survey

Overview: The workflow of Surveys will be optimized to make it easier to scroll through questions and see current Survey progress quickly.

Updates & Benefits:

  • Visual changes to the live progress bar
  • Previews of survey questions are now displayed at the bottom with a scroll function

Progress bar change

Visual Updates: Competition

Overview: Revamping the design of Competitions to make them more colorful and fun for the audience.

Updates & Benefits:

  • New design for leaderboard
  • As of now, no major functional changes planned

Leaderboard change

Overall, Poll Everywhere’s visual update will make it easier for users to engage with their audience and create more visually appealing and interactive polls. All of these changes are subject to change; however, with these improvements, Poll Everywhere is a fantastic tool to promote audience engagement.

In addition to the visual update, we plan on integrating Poll Everywhere in the left-hand navigation of your Canvas page. This change will improve the user experience by making importing your roster and exporting a Gradebook report easier. The Educational Technology Team will provide more information on the visual update and integration change upon release.