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“It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.”  -Eugène Ionesco

Chances are, when one person has a question, many other people are wondering the same thing.  In the spirit of learning from one another’s questions, each week we’ll share a question we’ve received from a Chapman instructor, staff member, or student along with the EdTech answer.

This Week’s Question and Answer

I have an assignment where I want students to choose a problem, and no two students to choose the same problem. I would like to give students the ability to select which problem they’d like to answer. I was thinking of a sign-up sheet of sorts. Is there a way to do that with Canvas?

Dr. Sarah Bana
Assistant Professor
Argyros College of Business & Economics

In the following video, we demonstrate one of many different ways to create an online sign-up sheet and add it to a Canvas assignment.

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