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Faculty phishing technique exploits relationships with deans and admins

January 31, 2019 by | Technology

If you are university faculty, you’ve probably already received a few of these phishing attempts. They look like a brief note from your Dean or from the University President, asking for a very quick favor.  Because these messages are coming from your admins and often include university-branded signature lines, it is easy to think that these

So your students don’t read their email? Strategies for reaching students on their phones

August 17, 2018 by | Technology

Articles like “Why we hate using email but love sending texts,” underscore one of the challenges most faculty members have in reaching students that have simply stopped reading their email.  It explains that students don’t like email because: With email, there’s “something actionable” about it, Lauricella says. This means some kind of labour is required,

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