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Class photo roster is down but, we have an alternative!

January 4, 2019 by | Technology

If you have tried to view a Class Photo Roster from your Blackboard course site under Course Tools, you’ve probably noticed it is empty. The tool is currently broken and we are in the process of determining a fix.  In the meantime, you can still generate a photo roster for your course from Blackboard Utilities. 

To do: Start of Semester/Trimester Blackboard Checklist

August 6, 2018 by | Technology

If you are teaching in Fall 2018 it’s time to start doing some Blackboard maintenance and get your course site ready for the new semester. Here is a list of “to-do” items to get you started! Log in to Blackboard and organize your courses by grouping them by term. Your courses will be MUCH easier

Announcing the New Class Photo Roster

July 31, 2018 by | Technology

We’ve made a few changes and now the Class Photo Roster is easier than ever to print straight from your Blackboard course site! Try printing a copy before the first day of class. Many instructors like to have a copy on hand during the first week or two in order to make notes (such as preferred

How to generate a Photo Roster of your students

August 21, 2017 by | Technology

One of the most well-loved tools that we offer for faculty at Chapman, is the Photo Roster, because you can generate and print a list of all of your students with thumbnail photos. I like to print out a copy before the first day of class, and then I make notes (such as preferred name)

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