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How to Get to Sesame Street An amazing, Muppet filled summer

August 25, 2017 by | School of Communication

In the course of my major at Chapman, I have had the opportunity to learn a great deal about the effects media has on our society. Whether it be in advertising, violent children’s programming, or thin-idealizing media, it is hard nowadays to find wholesome and educational media. I am incredibly passionate about ultimately working for

Marketing and Events Internship at St. John "It's all in the details"

July 7, 2017 by | School of Communication

This semester, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to take what I have learned in the classroom and translate it into my internship experience at St. John Knits, a luxury-clothing retailer based in Orange County. As a marketing and events intern, I was able to enhance my understanding of what it means to

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