Wall Street Prep is an accredited company that specializes in training workshops for  students and employees on financial and investment valuations through instructor-led on-campus seminars. Over the course of two weekends/four full days this spring, 40 Chapman University students attended our Wall Street Prep workshop at the Janes Center. Participants gained an in-depth view on how to do financial statement modeling, valuate stocks and companies, model mergers and acquisitions, model the discounted cash flow, and prepare for a certification in Financial and Valuation Modeling.

The Janes Financial Center offers this workshop to students twice a year, once during each the fall and spring semester. Wall Street Prep is available to all students with varying financial backgrounds. The certified course instructor can be a great resource to students who want to go into a field of investment banking, private equity, portfolio management, corporate development, capital markets, equity and credit research, and industry corporate finance careers. The instructor draws from his personal experiences in the field to guide students through the program and prepare for future interviews and employment opportunities.

Many students who are unsure of their business career choice, have benefited academically from taking this workshop. The experience they gain through Wall Street Prep is applicable to their finance and accounting courses, and expands on classroom topics through the deeper-dive discussions and assignments delivered in the workshop. Here is what several students have to say about their time taking the course:

“I think this is a course every finance student or employee can benefit from.” – Amanda R., ’20, B.S. in Business Administration – International Business Emphasis.

“Super engaging course that is very informational and helpful. I also liked the interview question suggestions [from the instructor].” – Michelle W., ’22 B.S. in Business Administration – Finance emphasis, Double Major in Accounting.

“It was extremely helpful and really helped me feel a lot more comfortable with financial knowledge and job preparation, and I have a better understanding of everything all around.” – Brianna C., ’21 B.S. in Business Administration – Finance Emphasis, Double Major in Economics.

“The workshop is a great introduction to financial models and I feel a lot more comfortable for my future finance classes and internships.” – Ryan M., ’20 B.S. in Business Administration – Entrepreneurship Emphasis.

Want to take part in Wall Street Prep next fall? Email Kennedie Habermehl to learn more and join the waiting list.