Name: Anish Bajaj 

Position: Associate Account Strategist

Company: Google

Education: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Marketing Emphasis

What excites you about this company and this job?

Google’s well-known reputation tends to precede itself. I am thrilled to be joining a company that is always innovating and creating a diverse workplace. I’m also super excited to be joining a high growth company where I know I’ll have the opportunity to always learn more and continue advancing in my career.

How did you strategize landing this job?

I was fortunate to have a recruiter reach out to me while I was in the midst of my job search. Once I got asked to participate in the phone screening, the grind really began. I spent plenty of time researching Google, the role itself, what matters to them, and how all those things align with me.

The interview process was nerve-wracking to prepare for however, they really made it feel like a conversation which at the end of the day, it is. I spent a lot of time reading the job description and understanding the qualities that would be needed to succeed in the role. Then I thought back thought back to experiences I had in school or internships, and formulated how I might talk about that during the interview. But this shouldn’t be a script! Just something for you to think back to!

Do you have any career advice for students looking for an internship or job in this market?

Be yourself and never quit. I had the opportunity to take a few positions that I wasn’t as excited about or interested in. I also got rejected from roles that I would’ve loved to take. Luckily I never stopped trying or lowered my standards because I wanted to value all the hard work I had put in.

During the interview process, it is so important to show the interviewers who you truly are because:

  1. They’re trained to find the truth.
  2. They want the best fit for them and for you but they can’t do that without the truth.

Another point of advice would be to create and leverage your network. As an absolute LinkedIn fanatic, I know the powers it holds. For one, I wouldn’t have had the recruiter reach out to me without me even applying!

Even if circumstances aren’t that extreme, LinkedIn is a good way to get in touch with people or get a referral. During my interview process, I connected with a current employee holding the title I was applying for. They were more than happy to give some tips to help me prepare.

With that being said, I plan to post in depth about my internship and job experiences, and tips to land them on my LinkedIn so definitely follow me there!