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Fall Accounting and Business Recruiting Season Begins at Chapman University

October 8, 2012 by | Undergraduates

ASBE’s Undergraduate Office of Career Planning and Placement is proud to announce that beginning Monday, October 8th, OCPP starts an entire month of full-time accounting interviews for our graduating seniors. In addition to 10 accounting firms, ASBE is excited to have JP Morgan Chase who will be here to recruit graduating seniors in finance and business for their 2013 Commercial Banking Analyst Program. 

Inside Scoop with Stacey – A Visit to Google

July 24, 2012 by | Graduate & MBA

Inside Scoop with Stacey is an ongoing blog series from Stacey Moynahan, Director of MBA Career Management Center (MBA CMC) .  It will feature insider tips for a successful career search, recaps of employer visits, and other happenings relevant to MBA Career Services. To learn more about MBA CMC or to schedule a career consultation,

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